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Top 10 Prompts When Feeling Uninspired

  1. Play in an art journal. Mine really is just about playing with ideas for future projects, without the stress. Yours could be doodles or paint swatches or zentangles, anything fun to get the creative cogs rolling. See the image above.

  2. Start a Things I Love journal. I have photos of a garden in Mexico, quotes, little scraps of fabric or paper I’ve stitched on, magazine cut outs of colors and shapes I’m inspired by. Simply use double-sided tape to adhere your images to the pages. See the image below.

3. Dance and get the blood pumping to Bruno Mars, or whom ever makes your heart beat.

4. Read a book. My favorite author right now is Tana French, the Irish mystery writer. There are six books in the Dublin Murder Squad series. I’ve read three, and it’s hard to pick a favorite. But if I had to, it might be Faithful Place. Or read her stand alone, The Witch Elm.

5. Listen to an audible book, an entirely different experience. There’s something compelling about hearing a voice capture the atmosphere and suspense of the author’s words.

6. Make a card for a friend going through a difficult time.

7. Put together an inspiration board to spark a new series of art, a new room palette or something beautiful just for you. Use vintage papers, bits of your own artwork, quotes and natural elements. Adhere with washi or painters tape to an illustration board, old wooden board or even your wall. In the May-June-July issue of Somerset magazine, Jeanne Oliver shows you how.

8. Go for a walk. Take your camera and capture the change of the seasons.

9. Shop. Not for something to buy necessarily, but for inspiration in the way that colors create palates, how textures are layered, and for the incredible variety of shapes. 10. Cook a new recipe. I recently ran across a recipe from Food 52, Chick Pea Salad with Blackened Onions, that once you make it you’ll find yourself craving like I do. If you make a comment on this blog and leave me your email address, I’ll send you the recipe.

Happy cooking, reading and creating.

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