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Summer Studio

Family is so important to me, and I’m lucky enough to have the best.

In the process of getting ready to sell my condominium, I’ve been able to use my brother Mitch’s garage for the storage of 30 plus years of precious possessions, otherwise known as junk, that I’ve accumulated. His wife Colleen, my friend, has helped me pack up every box that is piled into the garage.

And here’s the bonus. There’s a sweet, spacious shed in the backyard that once was Mitch’s Man Cave, and is now my Summer Studio. Rent free! How’s that for a brother?

The shed is full of natural light and has shelving for supplies. And very few spiders that I’ve noticed. I love it. And so appreciate it.

I’ve set up my six-foot painting table right under a north-facing window so there’s no glare to interfere with the process. My paintings and canvases are stacked on a table, tubes of paint in a basket at my feet. Ready to go.

I anticipate many creative hours painting here this summer. Thanks to my family.


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