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An old dream, a new beginning

Rites of passage mark those spaces in our lives that move us from one role to the next. And isn’t that what we’re all experiencing now, in a sense, during this time of Coronavirus? Waiting and wondering how the world will welcome us when we come out of lockdown. What our place will be like in that world.

My own rite of passage may not be traditional, but if a rite marks an important transitional period in a person’s life, I believe I’m checking that box.

Beginning an art business at the age of 67 is fulfilling a lifelong dream. I’m giving it a shot. I’m healthy. I feel young. Why not?And thrown into the mix, in the next few months I’ll be selling and moving from the home I’ve lived in for over 30 years. It’s bittersweet.

Beginning again. I’m a big believer in reaching for the personal dream, no matter at what stage of life we’re at. I love encouraging others to reach for their own star, no matter how big or small.

I like to think that my art reconnects the viewer to their memories, perhaps triggering dreams long forgotten. And that’s what this blog will be all about. Memories. Dreams. Emotions. The journey.Hope you’ll tune in for the ride every Tuesday and Thursday. I hope my dreams inspire yours. I know your dreams will inspire mine. Please share them with me.

More to come...

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